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My Jarvis Project - Voice Activated System

**** NOTE 1: *****: Turn on the CC or subtitles to see the dialogues as the voice recorded is pretty low. Just trying to build a Voice Activated System for fun. Completely coded in Python language. All credit goes to the awesome and supportive python community, documentation and the following open-source projects without which I would not have been able to put together this system. This project is very much a work in progress and this video just tries to demonstrate few initial milestones. Max out your speaker volume or switch to headphone to listen Jarvis's voice. Could not figure out a way to capture both microphone and speaker audio simultaneously. I am yet to find a nice name for this system :) Python Speech Recognition and TTS Project Python Weather API Project Update [12/04]: The code is now on GitHub @ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Installation / Running Steps (Adding this section based on the feedback in comments): --

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