CRAZY SUMMER CRAFTS Watch this video and make super cool phone cases and your phone will look stunning! Check out the easy step by step tutorials on how to make phone cases using polymer clay. Lets make a funny phone case with noodles! You will need a syringe, clear phone case, and polymer clay. Check out the tutorial! I bet you havent known how useful lids from a pack of baby wipes could be! Here are crazy ideas how to reuse them: always remember about children safety and use a lid to cover open sockets at home; use a lid to store jewelry when you travel; create a cheap educational game for kids by your hands; use a lid to secure a trash bag in the kitchen. One more collection of cool crafts you can make using a rope! You will learn how to make DIY rope ottoman out of a tire and rope. First of all, cut two circles of plywood a bit smaller than the diameter of a tire. Attach pieces of wood using a screwdriver. Use a hot glue gun to secure one end of the rope to the center of the plywood and start coiling.

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