TOP GUN - Maverick and Charlie

*hours to make; seconds to comment* ------------------------------------- READ DESCRIPTION: -- Okay so I probably won't get many comments or views on this video cause you don't see many vids on here to this movie or this couple! But this has been one of my all time favorite movies since I was little and i found the movie so i downloaded it and thank god it was in awesome quality!! So i made this movie cause this movie so beautiful and amazing!! I know, i know, how obvious a song to go with this movie but the song is amazing and i wanted to vid an amazing song to a downright amazing movie! So here's the finished product. Question though: Why can't Tom Cruise look like this anymore? i mean seriously he was gorgeous!! alright enough with this rant. I really hope this video gets comments & views cause i tried really hard on this vid!! so enjoy :) ------------------------------ Song: Take my breath away Artist: Berlin Movie: Top Gun (1986) Editing Program: Vegas Movie Studio 9.0 Platinum