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Rosa Brighid bullied nude model speaks out. How being a model changed her life.

Rosa Brighid free uncensored preview: Model Society Academy: "I had a difficult childhood. Through school, I endured long years of relentless physical bullying and mental torment. I felt damaged and never believed I was good enough. I did not expect to learn how to become a model. Just over a year ago, something changed. I realized that I did not want to be afraid of living. Instead, I felt inspired, renewed and determined to succeed. I was ready to live my life and to be free of all of the negativity that had been weighing me down for so long. It was time to challenge myself and move beyond my comfort zones. I was nervous the first few times I tried nude art modeling; I felt awkward and my poses were tense. I had a feeling, though, that I could push through my fears and pose well. I was surprised how much my confidence grew over the first few months. Soon I was a travelling model and meeting lots of new people. I learned how to be independent. Step by step I realized how to build myself up in this exci

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